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 "Patients Choice Award"   and "Compassionate Doctor Award" to Dr.Mullick and his staff. 

  Now offering lower priced Colonoscopy in our accredited office facility  to counter CDC reported lower rates of Screening in Illinois which is costing Illinois more deaths from Colon Cancer.   We are willing to help--to lower Colon Cancer death rates.Certified Nurses/Anesthesiologist on board during Colonoscopy.

    Please see Katie Couric's interview with George on ABC News.

                   Katie decided to take along her friend KIM also for Colonscopy because she turned 50. Well Katie's colon was fine.But Kim had cancerous Polyp in advanced state-but it was removed immediately by her gastroenterologist--saving her life.PLEASE SEE THIS VIDEO.It could SAVE your life or your friend's life.



  PAINLESS COLONOSCOPY we offer assures any FEAR or DREADEDNESS FEAR.CALL US and enquire about affordable price.





      HELLO,     DID YOU KNOW that EVERYDAY 7-10 persons die in Illinois from

                             COLON CANCER   ????

                     Did you know that 25% of people over 50 have Polyps that are the

                               source of COLON CANCER  ? YOU COULD BE the one--as odds are

                                      1 in 4.


                    DID YOU KNOW that THESE DEATHS ARE PREVENTABLE   ????


                         ALMOST ALL--- Yes Almost ALL are PREVENTABLE.


              Did YOU KNOW-- these 7-10 people  who die daily, did not get  COLON

                        Cancer Screening on time.


               Here are some MYTHS:


                1) Colon Cancer kills people with Family history: True


                2) It does not kill people who are healthy--FALSE

                         Dr.OZ found a cancerous polyp at age 50--he has a TV Show--and

                            he is in great shape,eats well,exercises daily.

                                     HE STRONGLY RECOMMENDS; CANCER SCREENING ASAP.


                3) Colon Cancer kills people over 50--False-  People under 54 also are suffering from Colon Cancer-- 1 in 5 incidences are in this age group of 30-54.

                       Many under 50 die--- Ryan Goddard died at 30 (Story in

                            www.getyourrearingear.com ) where Dr.Mullick is a volunteer

                                 DOCTOR  for Colon Cancer Cause.

                 4) Then why the insurance pays for over 50-- It is based on Cost/benefit.

                         More people over 50 die,Less under 50.

                              That is why we decided to offer affordable lower prices for Colon screening in our office. Please remember--Colon Cancer starts before any symptoms show up--from POLYP IN COLON. During screening-we REMOVE those POLYPS. Source of Colon Cancer is taken out thus PREVENTING Colon Cancer.


                  5) Did you know more women under 55 die from Colon Cancer? TRUE


                   6) Did you know more women than men die from Colon Cancer in

                                Illinois?  TRUE    . It is true nationally and in our

                         Kane,Dekalb,Mchenry and Cook counties. Not true in Dupage county.


                   7) DO we have facts/data to prove it?  YES


                    8) WHY these daily deaths?

                          Reason: 50% of people have not had Colon Cancer Screening.Illinois is among states with lowest rate of screening and highest rate of death .


                     9) Heard screening is painful  ? Not true with painless colonoscopy

                          which we brought to Kane,Dupage and Dekalb counties.


                     10)  25% of people over 50 have POLYPS that are the source of Colon

                             Cancer that must be removed quickly ASAP.

                     11) Very Costly? True in hospitals,but we are now offering lower prices in our office based facility.Please call 630 232 2025 for details.


                                  WE URGE YOU TO GET SCREENING.




                      Spead the word: Save 50,000 unnecessary deaths every year.


   PLEASE SEE THE VIDEO for COLON SCREENING: Hear Dr.Oz tell you that 25% of people have Polyps that are the source of Colon Cancer. IT IS A MUST FOR ALL especially those who have  not been been screened. Dr.OZ is interviewed by Larry King on CNN.





         There are other cancers of Gastrointestinal parts of human body-like esophageal,gastric,liver and pancreas(Steve Jobs of Apple died of this one-he delayed going to the doctor by 9 months ,because he was too busy inventing Ipad and Iphone.)

          Dr.Mullick has special training in ERCP, EUS meant to detect this cancer.He was trained to detect difficult cancers.He detected a very difficult cancer in his 3rd day of practice in Geneva,illinois.Immediately arranged for surgery within 3 days to save his patient's life.Important fact: Dr.Mullick is the only one in this area to receive GOVERNOR's Award from ACG for Cancer research done at the Cleveland Clinic from 1999-2002.For this reason,he was selected as section editor for GastroEndoNews.

           Please read more on these cancers.



        If concerned about potential cancer of Stomach,Liver,Colon,Pancreas ,Esophagus,Call Dr.Mullick immediately because he feels that early detection is the best way to save your life as well as medical costs.






                        Customer Focused STAFF




                Now offering Office based Colonoscopy at the request of Insurance co..We make it available to ALL. Please call 630 232 2025 for details.
















2631 Williamsburg Avenue
Geneva, IL 60134

ph: 630 232 2025
alt: 815 895 5252


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2631 Williamsburg Avenue
Geneva, IL 60134

ph: 630 232 2025
alt: 815 895 5252