Weight Loss

Overweight people tend to have Digestive disorders 2 times more than normal weight persons,Colon Cancer 2 times more,Pancreas and Gallbladder cancer 35% to 85% more.    Pl.Click page#2 below to see detailed risks.


Dr.Mullick offers excellent Weight loss program to heal you and prolong your quality life.ACG/Johns Hopkins Hospital/Cleveland Clinic,Dr.OZ and others are all focusing on Weight Loss programs designed for individuals to treat the underlying cause of Digestive problems in overweight people.His staff is available to set up an effective program in the office or your home.

Gastrointestinal Health

FYI–Dr.Mullick was called by a surgeon who was having problem with Colon for an overweight person.Dr.Mullick helped the surgeon complete the procedure successfully.

Overweight people–SEE Dr.Mullick for your problems.It will cost you less.

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4) Prompt service-delay could cause cancer to spread.

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