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Please read the risks of going to someone else.

The following article: ERCP TRAINING: for the FEW,  Not for ALL  explains why this training is essential to achieve BEST OUTCOMES.


What is ERCP?  Click   http://digestive.niddk.nih.gov/ddiseases/pubs/ercp

Some of the Advanced or Interventional Endoscopists teach–Dr.Mullick teaches by being a SERIES EDITOR and presenting his research at top conferences.  He has patients from Los Angeles,Michigan and many other parts of USA. Many celebrities incl.actresses seek his care to help their voice problems.

Top New companies offering New PH procedures seek Dr.Mullick’s advice.

Dr.Mullick is among 16 in the nation,selected to be series editors to review “the latest treatments in GI field ” in GastroEndo News monthly  magazine for 14000 Gastroenterology doctors worldwide

He was rated # 1 out of 329 Gastroenterologists in Chicago and neighboring states.

Dr.Mullick received the EAGLE SCOUT AWARD at age 13–making him the YOUNGEST EAGLE SCOUT–from an Astronaut.

Dr.Mullick saved  a life  in a plane for which he received a HUMANITARIAN AWARD from DELNOR HOSPITAL in Dec.2004.

Dr.Mullick received American College of Gastroenterology GOVERNOR’s AWARD for his research on CANCER BIOMARKERS in 2002.He received CLINICAL AWARD from ACG in 2004.

Dr.Mullick’s philosophy:

1) Early detection saves lives.  Dr.Oz Colonoscopy found Cancer Polyps.He had no family history/ate well.Please see the video:  Larry King interview with Dr.OZ on CNN  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tS5eR0917ts


CDC reported:Half of Colon Cancer caught Late-leading to over 50,000 “unnecessary”deaths/year.

Dr.OZ agrees with Dr.Mullick on Early detection saving lives.He told Larry King on CNN that 25% of people over 50 have Polyps that could become cancerous.Dr.Mullick is the “Top expert” on removing those Polyps and prevent Colon Cancer with Early Detection.So don’t take chance–Go to the best doctor and avoid getting Colon Cancer-he carefully diagnosis early Cancer possibilities with Certified advanced training.

Dr.Mullick volunteers as a doctor on Get Your Rear in Gear. Please See www.getyourrearingear.com