*Irritable Bowel Syndrome(IBS)

* Frequent Stomach pains/Abdominal pains and bloating

* Frequent Diarrhea–Bowel pattern changes-diarrhea,constipation

* Swallowing disorders

* Detecting Celiac disease

* Food allergy to Gluten or

Disease,Gallbladder pains and  Gallstones  . Please Read about Women’s Gastrointestinal or Digestive Disorders .EVERY WOMEN MUST READ THIS ARTICLE. WHY?

1) Women aged 55 or younger seem to have a HIGHER frequency of COLON CANCER than MEN.The guidelines for Cancer Screening are not written for Women–but for all.

Women need Colon Cancer Screening early–Dr.Mullick’s experience/data agrees with ACG President’s article.

So tell us–how much you spend on yourself–Isn’t knowing that you are Cancer Free—worth more to you and your family.READ THE FOLLOWING  URL and DECIDE.

FYI–  Dr.Mullick received ACG Governor’s award in 2002 for his Cancer research.

2) Emotional Stress amplifies Irritable Bowel Syndrome.That is why Dr.Mullick has developed a multi-discipline treatment to minimize your pains.

   Part of the reason is stress /nutrition management and part of the reason is neglect.He was quoted in Ladies Home Journal on Stress impact on Digestive System and the resulting Gastrointestinal diseases/disorders .

  He coauthored a comprehensive article on Nutition and Digestive Cancers in Practical Gastroenterology magazine.

    NO REFERRAL REQD. for PPO insurance and MEDICARE.


  Please ask your DOCTOR that you want to see the BEST-who charges the same.You may have to insist to get the REFERRAL.If your doctor gives you an excuse that Dr.Mullick is not available -Call our office–and they will find the time as Dr.Mullick is committed to helping people in this community.


     DID YOU KNOW-WOMEN have 2 to 6 times more Irritable Bowel Syndrome than men.Also their physiology creates 2 times more Inflammatory Bowel 

Symptoms. This is a revolutionary system that comfortably measures ph in the AIRWAYS.Until  now it has been difficult to detect reflux in the airways because available ph cathethers were developed to measure liquid reflux in the Esophagus. The DX-ph Probe  is the only sensor able to measure ph in the Airaway.By measuring ph levels in the airway,the DX-Sytem is a Valuable Tool to assist physicians in determining the existence of Laryngopharyngeal reflux (LPR) and its relationships to various Patients Symptoms.The DX-ph Probe measures reflux Events in the UPPER AIRWAY.

Top Rated Expert at DETECTING CANCERS OF DIGESTIVE SYSTEM with PROMPT appointments with top surgeons to remove the CANCERS if found.


We believe that EARLY DIAGNOSIS or DETECTION  can save YOUR life.

In 2009–we started offering advanced PH testing/treatment–one actress flew from Los Angeles for her voice problem treatment.

In 2008–one top surgeon flew from Los angeles for complete checkup of Digestive system incl. Colonoscopy.He wanted prompt appointment with the BEST Gastroenterologist.He commented: Best office–great welcoming staff and attention.

Dr.Oz timely colonoscopy detected early cancer in Aug.2010– He had  repeat visit in Dec.2010–using microscope to ensure 100% that no cancer cells remained.Dr.OZ had a special show on Thanksgiving–URGING people to get colonoscopy as soon as possible.

CDC reported on Nov.24th,2010: HALF OF COLON CANCER CAUGHT LATE.

Excessive weight affect Digestive Health and can create many disorders.ACG/Cleveland Clinic/Johns Hopkins/Dr.OZ/others have shown that Overweight people tend to have Digestive Disorders at double/twice the rate of normal weight persons. Dr.Mullick offers excellent Weight Loss and Nutrition Program.Please Call his office if interested and set up an appointment with the Nutritionist or Dr.Mullick.We offer this program in our office or your home.

Please see the Data for Obesity risks by clicking to page 2 of the following website page:


We have opened offices in GENEVA,HUNTLEY,YORKVILLE,SYCAMORE,IL. to make it easier for you to SEE US.

  • Product/service name: We offer the latest diagnostic and treatments for Digestive or Gastrointestinal diseases/disorders.If cancer is found,we quickly get you an appointment for surgery/other treatments with the best surgeons/oncologists in the area. WE CARE and YOU are our top priority.We want to see you “Healthy”.We offer Weight Loss and Nutrition program to improve your health.Please remember–you also have a responsibility–to seek our advice quickly as cancers can spread fast or excessive weight can shorten your life.Weight Loss and Nutrition program is also helpful for diabetics.    Our GOAL: OFFER the Best Care.

New PH procedure ; New Stress and  Age enhancing therapy

We provide Special appointments for “famous people” to protect their privacy.Please CALL US and we will provide the best care with total privacy.


Colon Cancer is 2nd leading cause of Cancer Killer after Lung Cancer.

It kills more women under 55.

It kils 56,300 people every year–more than Breast Cancer(40,800) and Prostate Cancer(31,900)


Rectal bleeding,Blood in Stool,Change in Bowel pattern(stools narrower than usual),frequent gas pains,constant tiredness,weight loss for no apparent reason,vomitting,diarrhea,constipation or both,Bloating,Stomach discomfort

CALL us if you have these symptoms.

Preventive Steps:  These steps did not work for Dr.OZ.

He ate well,didn’t smoke,limited his alcohol in take

He exercised,took Aspirin,Folic Acid etc.

Adequate Dietary Fiber

Limit Fat consumption

Plenty of Exercise

No Tobacco

Limit Alcohol intake

Take Aspirin 81mg,Folic Acid 400mcg,Vitamin E–400IU,Calcium 1200 mg


COLON CANCER is Preventable. Call us. It may save YOUR LIFE.

25% of people over 50 have POLYPS.

Find out if you have Polyp like Dr.Oz

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