Industry Information

Here are some MYTHS:

1) Colon Cancer kills people with Family history: True

2) It does not kill people who are healthy–FALSE

Dr.OZ found a cancerous polyp at age 50–he has a TV Show–and he is in great shape,eats well,exercises daily.  HE STRONGLY RECOMMENDS; CANCER SCREENING ASAP.

3) Colon Cancer kills people over 50–False-  People under 54 also are suffering from Colon Cancer– 1 in 5 incidences are in this age group of 30-54.

Many under 50 die— Ryan Goddard died at 30 (Story in ) where Dr.Mullick is a volunteer doctor for Colon Cancer Cause.

4) Then why the insurance pays for over 50– It is based on Cost/benefit.

More people over 50 die,Less under 50.

That is why we decided to offer affordable lower prices for Colon screening in our office. Please remember–Colon Cancer starts before any symptoms show up–from Polyp in Colon. During screening-we remove those Polyps. Source of Colon Cancer is taken out thus PREVENTING Colon Cancer.

5) Did you know more women under 55 die from Colon Cancer? TRUE

6) Did you know more women than men die from Colon Cancer in Illinois?  TRUE.  It is true nationally and in our Kane, Dekalb, Mchenry & Cook counties. Not true in Dupage county.

7) DO we have facts/data to prove it?  YES

8) WHY these daily deaths?

Reason: 50% of people have not had Colon Cancer Screening.Illinois is among states with lowest rate of screening and highest rate of death .

9) Heard screening is painful  ? Not true with painless colonoscopy which we brought to Kane,Dupage and Dekalb counties.

10)  25% of people over 50 have POLYPS that are the source of Colon Cancer that must be removed quickly ASAP.

11) Very Costly? True in hospitals, but we are now offering lower prices in our office based facility.Please call 630-232-2025 for details.

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