Gallbladder Pain: Relief,Symptoms,Treatment & the following article:                                             



Dr.Mullick has done many Bile Duct Obstruction Procedures with advanced Endoscopy.

ERCP is a risky procedure and Dr.Mullick is the only doctor in Kane County area with Certified training in ERCP that required 7th year(an additional year to do hundreds of procedures under the supervision of a top ERCP/Endoscopy doctor.)


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Latest Treatments of Digestive Diseases or Disorders:* Heartburn–Reflux disease(GERD)

*Irritable Bowel Syndrome(IBS)

* Frequent Stomach pains/Abdominal pains and bloating

* Frequent Diarrhea–Bowel pattern changes-diarrhea,constipation

* Swallowing disorders

* Detecting Celiac disease

* Food allergy to Gluten or Diary products(lactose intolerance) as a cause of digestive



* IBS–Irritable Bowel diseases–ulcerative colitis,Chron’s disease,diverticular diseases,polyps.

We treated a 15 year old race track teenager–with medicines and physical therapy,proper nutrition.He rejoined the team and is organizing Foxriver5k every year.(Multidiscipline treatments)

* Causes of Rectal bleeding or Blood in stool

*Liver disorders

*Upper Gastrointestinal Bleeding detection and treatment

* Screening for Colon Cancer with or without family history–Simple: Find a Polyp-Remove it on time thus preventing Colon Cancer as Dr.Oz did last year.

* Colon Cancer is the easiest to detect and prevent-saving over 50,000 deaths/year.

* Colon Cancer is more prevalent in women under 55 compared to men.(little known fact)

* Dr.OZ had no family history,ate well,exercised–was shocked to find he had Cancerous Polyp.

* Barrett’s Esophagus

* Expert in Gastrointestinal diseases in Women

* Pancreatic Disorders and Cancer detection

* Gallbladder,gallstones,cancers

* Detecting Cancers of Esophagus,stomach

*Small Bowel bleeding screening

* Nutrition and weight management– Overweight leads to more Digestive disorders.We offer nutritionst counselling.Dr.Mullick is a fequent writer and speaker on this subject-supporting national effort to reduce Obesity in America.

* Peptic Ulcer

* Stomach ulcer

* PH monitoring/treatments with latest equipment.Dr.Mullick has successfully treated many and

will be lecturing soon in Switzerland and Jordon(Mid East).

This DX-ph Measurement System DETECTS Airway Reflux -Laryngopharyngeal reflux(LPR) with

NOVEL ph Electrode–subset of GERD patients where Acid Reflux is causing Exresophageal

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