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About Dr. Tarun Mullick & Gastrointestinal Health Specialists

Dr.Mullick has special training in ERCP, EUS meant to detect this cancer.He was trained to detect difficult cancers.He detected a very difficult cancer in his 3rd day of practice in Geneva,illinois.Immediately arranged for surgery within 3 days to save his patient’s life.Important fact: Dr.Mullick is the only one in this area to receive GOVERNOR’s Award from ACG for Cancer research done at the Cleveland Clinic from 1999-2002.For this reason,he was selected as section editor for GastroEndoNews.

Our Quality Focused Staff and Dr.Mullick are ready to Offer Customized Care.We offer Painless Colonsocopy and advanced procedures without pain.  Painless Colonoscopy provides ” greater patient comfort and the quality of the the exam is better giving better detection rates of Polyps” and Dr.Mullick does not get paid extra.Anesthesiologist adminsters anesthesia.

Why Choose us?

He is among top 5% in Illinois to have received 7th year training in Advanced Endoscopy,Colonoscopy,ERCP,EUS procedures  from top 2 hospitals in America. The Cleveland Clinic and University of Virginia Digestive Diseases Center in Charlottesville,Virginia. He did his MD from the famous Johns Hopkins University Medical School in USA.

This assures you that you are getting “Risky procedures” done by a Certified specialist.

No referrals reqd.for PPO insurance and Medicare insurance.Others please insist and ask for referrals to us–fight the bias-It’s your Health and You should have the choice to select us.

We charge the same -but offer better expertise.

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