“Patients Choice Award”   and “Compassionate Doctor Award” to Dr.Mullick and his staff.

Now offering lower priced Colonoscopy in our accredited office facility  to counter CDC

Look at names of Volunteer doctors on get your rear in gear website (dedicated to Saving lives from Colon Cancer)where Dr.Mullick is listed.

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Like Dr.OZ who is now telling everyone to go for Colonoscopy after his own colonoscopy discovered a Polyp that had the potential for Cancer.

Dr.OZ has no family history and eats well.

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This Eagle Scout’s motto:

Early detection can save your life.

There are other cancers of Gastrointestinal parts of human body-like esophageal,gastric,liver and pancreas(Steve Jobs of Apple died of this one-he delayed going to the doctor by 9 months ,because he was too busy inventing Ipad and Iphone.)

Dr.Mullick has special training in ERCP, EUS meant to detect this cancer.He was trained to detect difficult cancers.He detected a very difficult cancer in his 3rd day of practice in Geneva,illinois.Immediately arranged for surgery within 3 days to save his patient’s life.Important fact: Dr.Mullick is the only one in this area to receive GOVERNOR’s Award from ACG for Cancer research done at the Cleveland Clinic from 1999-2002.For this reason,he was selected as section editor for GastroEndoNews.

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If concerned about potential cancer of Stomach,Liver,Colon,Pancreas ,Esophagus,Call Dr.Mullick immediately because he feels that early detection is the best way to save your life as well as medical costs.